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The AND-E German branch dates back to 1982 and was initially set up as a branch of Chiyoda Fire and Marine Insurance Company of Europe. Chiyoda co-operated with DBV Winterthur Insurance for transport insurances as well as selling car insurance policies via AXA Insurance in cooperation with Toyota Kreditbank GmbH.

The cooperation with AXA was terminated in October 1999 and Chiyoda began to hire its own personnel, to develop own insurance products and to market these via the Toyota dealership network. The result of which meant that both parties would reap the benefits. Chiyoda was therefore rapidly able to increase its portfolio and establish itself in the German insurance market.

Since 2006 our branch also provides support for the establishment of new branches in other European countries the establishment of the Italian and Spanish branches being just two examples.

AND-E Germany also manages other general insurance product portfolios including our "Toyota dealership policies", whereby we provide an insurance solution for Toyota dealerships. In addition, we also provide insurance solutions for Japanese businesses in Germany via our JIA operations.


We offer a range of personal and business insurance solutions of non-life and life insurances for the German market. Further details of our products are as follows:

Motor insurance – private vehicles and company fleets
  • full and partial comprehensive cover
  • motor third party liability insurance
  • accident insurance
  • breakdown cover
  • motor legal expenses insurance
  • back to invoice GAP
Dealership multi-risk policies
  • commercial multi peril insurance
  • business liability insurance
  • demo car insurance
  • general insurance (buildings, contents)
  • business interruption insurance
Payment protection insurance
  • credit payment protection insurance
  • leasing payment protection insurance
Warranty cover
  • follow-up warranty for new cars
  • used car warranty
  • extended warranty cover
Non-life insurance
  • third party liability insurance
  • accident insurance
  • household insurance
Japanese Interest Abroad
  • business interruption insurance
  • business and product liability insurance
  • transport insurance
  • accident insurance
  • travel insurance






The award "VersicherungsMonitor" was established in 2009 in order to analyse the procurement of insurance within the automotive insurance industry. Year after year, it meaures the satisfaction of the partners in the automobile trade with the insurers. In 2023, our insurance broker Toyota Insurance Services was awarded the AUTOHAUS VersicherungsMonitor for the best car insurance for the 12th time in a row.




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