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Our Values

At AND-E, we are driven by our values and uphold them in every way we can. They give an insight into the way we work and the types of qualities we look for in an employee. We are happy to share them with you, and if they match your expectations we look forward to working with you.
People Management


Training and Development

The Company recognises that training and development is essential for all its employees to support them in their job roles, to meet team goals and to meet the objectives of the Company.
It fully supports the training and development of its employees through:

Charity/Community Events

The Company recognises that it benefits from the personal development gained by staff outside the workplace, through engagement in charitable and community activities. We are keen to encourage such involvement. Participation in in such events builds skills and confidence, enhancing an individual's development which compliments the Company's goals for continuous improvement. Whilst we cannot fund the activities that an employee is involved in outside of the office, the Company will be willing to make a donation to the Charity concerned.

Commitment to Equality and Diversity

Aioi Nissay Dowa Europe is committed to the promotion of equal opportunities in employment, and the elimination of discrimination.
We want to make sure that we give everyone fair, equal opportunities. Therefore we do not discriminate on the grounds of race, gender, nationality, beliefs, ethnic origins, gender reassignment, marital status, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation.
It is the policy of the Company:

Job Vacancies

We have opportunities for New Employees to join us, the current vacancies are shown below.



If you are interested in a career with Aioi Nissay Dowa Europe, please send your CV to recruitment(at)aioinissaydowa.eu.