Our Products

Within our group we are able to act as a general insurer, a life insurer and a broker. This combination of facilities allows for the development of a wide variety of products and services geared to the diverse risks emerging in the world. Our products fall into three main areas.


Motor insurance

In several jurisdictions motor insurance is one of the few insurances required by law. For this reason many insurers enter this market in order to obtain a customer base to sell other related products to them. Our primary driver in this market is to work in tandem with our corporate partners to deliver a reduced cost of ownership experience for the customer during the time of the ownership of their motor vehicle.

Pecuniary losses

Put simply these are a range of products to reduce the financial loss a customer would suffer, should they experience one of many unfortunate events.

Japanese Interest Abroad

This section of our business insures Japanese companies which operate in Europe. As the largest insurer in Asia, we already have longstanding relationships with many Japanese companies. This enables us to readily help support their businesses and employees in Europe through a range of products.
For more details on our products, please see Our Operations pages: UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Norway, Belgium.